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Wooden Floor Fitting

When fitting wood flooring, it must be done according to the BS8201:2011 Code of practice and an experienced flooring installation expert should be the one to carry out the job. At AquaBliss, we offer an extensive range of floor restoration services. They include floor maintenance and sanding, ensuring your floors look appealing and welcoming.

wooden flooring in a modern living room

As a Surrey-based company, we can provide high-quality flooring and restoration work throughout the following areas:

  • West Horsley
  • Guildford
  • Dorking
  • Cranleigh
  • Leatherhead
  • Woking

All flooring projects are unique as it's the subfloors and site conditions that will determine the best method to fit your floor. When you hire our flooring contractor to install the floor, we assure you that we will take full responsibility for the floor fitting and make sure the subfloor is suitable.

sample flooring boards on display

Our initial site survey will outline all wood flooring fitting costs based on:

  • The state of the subfloor
  • If an old carpet has to be removed
  • The state of any skirting boards and architraves
  • If any furniture needs to be moved
  • The levels of humidity and moisture 

We provide installers who fit, maintain and restore wooden floors. Our fitters have a responsibility to act professionally and respectfully. At all times, we strive to provide customers with high-quality services as premium fitting service providers. 

To ensure that the process goes on smoothly, you must clear your rooms of old floor covering and furniture. Make sure you prepare the subfloor by removing things such as cables and wires. Note that the fitter is not responsible for disposing of the old flooring. Moreover, if the installation service can't proceed on the agreed day, and it's not our fault or the fitter's, you may have to pay for the costs that the fitter may incur.

Floor Restoration and Sanding

Our high-qualified floor sanding and restoration team use several simple but extremely effective techniques to return your wooden flooring to its original glory. They ensure that your wooden flooring remains the most impressive of your home. 

We provide our services across Surrey and no job is too large or too small. We are ready to offer you high-quality services. The outcome will be a floor that looks as if it's new.