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Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools

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  • Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools
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  • 24-11-2016
Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools

Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools

When it comes to building an outdoor swimming pool, you have plenty of options to choose from. Let's take a look at the different types of outdoor swimming pools available. 

Installing an outdoor swimming pool is always a great way to boost the value of your property. As a homeowner, this is a great investment to make, especially if you might consider selling your home in future. But the swimming pool is also very practical and a great way to enjoy life at home.

Some of the types of outdoor pools you can choose from include fiberglass pools, concrete pools and vinyl-liner pools. Fiberglass pools are usually delivered in one piece. These are more flexible than concrete, and it's a great choice for areas that are prone to earthquakes. 

Concrete pools or more expensive and they are built on site. You can have a custom design in virtually any shape or size. You also get various finishes that you can choose from, including paint and plaster.

Vinyl pools are bought with panelled walls that are joined together on a concrete foundation. These can be designed into any landscape and can fit any shape or size. 

You can also add various accessories, like slides, water fountains, and speciality lighting. They may be more costly to build, and can take a while to complete, but it's a very popular option.

You can also build a lap pool that is perfect for smaller properties as they are small and narrow.