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Steps to Cleaning a Pool

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  • 04-02-2019
Steps to Cleaning a Pool

Pool water necessitates attention and maintenance at all times due to its ever-changing environment. Consequently, for the majority of the people, it means employing the service of a professional technician who comes clean the pool once or twice weekly. However, you can independently take care of a pool by following the steps.

Tile Maintenance

If you spot brown, grey or white patches on the pool tiles, it's likely a result of unstable pH levels. To avoid future problems such as scale accumulation, test the alkalinity level of your pool and ensure it ranges between 80 and 120 ppm, then adjust these levels before adjusting your pH. Add to the water a pH balancer and test to confirm the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Always retain your calcium hardness level between 200 to 235 ppm, since high levels heighten the risk of scale-forming.

swimming pool tile cleaning

To bring it down, you must add soft water or use a scale inhibitor. To prevent scale buildup, strictly follow the maintenance schedule for cleaning as well as testing the water balance. By examining daily, you can guarantee the levels stay manageable. Eradicate regions of waterline scale accumulation by either scrubbing using a sponge or a pool brush and a tile cleaner designed for either chlorine-free or chlorine pools.

Vacuuming a Pool

Appropriate swimming pool upkeep necessitates you to clean the pool regularly. Most pool owners choose an automatic swimming pool cleaner, whereas others opt to carry out the duties using simple cleaning equipment manually. Before you throw the family's Dyson into the pool, please read the following carefully:

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  • Fasten the vacuum tail and head together, then fasten the vacuum nose to the vacuum head.
  • Carefully lower the vacuum's head to the bottom of the pool, then using the hand-over-hand technique, sink the vacuum hose. To eliminate air from the tube, you need to work from the attached part of the head towards the free end. 
  • To tell if it is correctly done, check if water is running out of the hose. After taking the skimmer basket off, join the hose's free end to the opening at the skimmer's back. 
  • Switch off the main control valve off at the filter slab and until you hear the pump triggered, and keep turning the control valve connected to the skimmer to the off position. Subsequently, open the pump till you can hear it run smoothly again.
  • In slow liner passes, move the vacuum just like how you would run a real vacuum on a rug. You may need to empty the pump strainer if the pool is particularly dirty during the cleaning process.
  • At the filter slab, first, close the opened valves before lifting the vacuum head.

Filter Maintenance

Keeping the pool water sparkling and clean requires correct pool maintenance with the filter being one of the most crucial equipment which needs care. The three basic kinds of filtration systems include DE, Cartridge, and Sand. Always care and clean your filter no matter the system you have installed.

Sand Filters

The slowing down of water due to debris and dirt gives the owner an idea of the extent to which the filter outlet and inlet has been blocked inside. If the outlet pipe has less pressure in comparison to the inlet pipe, then the sand contains collected debris which should be cleaned out.

Cartridge Filters

Since they have more surface area in comparison to sand filters, cartridge filters guarantee easier maintenance and fewer clogs. Moreover, these filters function at a much-reduced pressure than sand thereby causing less backpressure on the pump. Consequently, you have a higher water flow through the system.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

By watching the pressure gauge fall below eight pounds or into the specified safe zone on the pump, you can know if there is enough DE in the system. For residential pools, backwashing, as well as the addition of a new DE, is essential once or twice annually.

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