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Period Home Restoration

If you live in a period home within Guildford, Leatherhead or Dorking area, we can help you unlock the true character of your home and bring it back to its original glory. Older homes are full of character with an exquisite architectural design that may have disappeared under renovations or deterioration.

(company name) can do a complete restoration of your period home. We will outline the entire design process, work with you to pick out the materials and the colours you want to be used, and carry out a sympathetic renovation according to the look of your home and its surrounding space. We will design the home and look for the original features.

The areas we services include:

  • West Horsley
  • Woking
  • Leatherhead
  • Guildford
  • Cranleigh
  • Dorking

period home

Medieval buildings are often thought of as unfriendly and dark. These homes have open hallways and large windows, they have middle sized openings into the parlour and large open storage rooms. The mid 19th century brought change; Victorian homes were large and popular. They allowed daylight in with large sash windows, though this lead to loss of heat in the winter.

Reinstating Openings

The least disruptive methods of allowing more light in the home is to look at the former openings and turn them into windows. It is important to know the history of the home or building.When you understand how the construction of home has changed over the time, you will understand what changes have been made in the past and why these changes were made.

A listed building consent may be required for older homes. if the windows are not bricked up or covered, there may be some issues. You may need to make a new opening, but you can only have it where it fits in with the design of the home.

window on period building

New Openings

Adding windows in older buildings may seem like a challenging issue. It may take the historical value away from the home. Even in the most delicate situation, it should be possible to have a new look with the proper planning. Removing small sections of the walls may be alright but is it important to keep the historical elements in tact.  


A good alternative to opening the walls and allow light into the home it to add an upper story or a double height space with a roof light. This can be nice if the roof slope is hidden and installing additional windows will not harm the home. 

Roof coverings have limited service, and they will not compromise the historic value of the home. The windows look good on visible roof slopes and are often a good choice over new wall openings. Low profile conservation rooflights are usually allowed, and they need careful planning due to their positions.


When adding an extension, careful planning is needed, but it is acceptable to an older home. There will be less damage done to the home, and it is more acceptable than adding new windows. 

When adding an extension make sure that there are going to be no issues with sensitive materials. Any historic opening can be used with the original design of the home. It can end up looking very nice as long as the planning process is carefully thought out.