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Outdoor Pools in Surrey

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Outdoor Pools in Surrey

Outdoor Pools in Surrey

We can offer a complete Swimming Pool services throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. From Concrete pools constructed with tiled finish to fibreglass pools.

If you want pools with Electrical work that complys to IP ratings, you can be assured all work carried out will be professionally done. This comes from having over 30 years experience with Swimming Pools.

Swimming Pool Services in Surrey

We offer the best Swimming pool Services at competitive prices which won't be beaten. Our professional approach is second to none throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas.

  • Liner pools constructed with a replaceable vinyl liner finish
  • Concrete pools constructed with tiled finish
  • Summer heat retaining covers installed
  • Winter Debris covers
  • Pumps and filters installed
  • Renovation of both concrete and liner pools
  • Automatic slatted and safety covers installed
  • Automatic cleaners installed
  • Maintenance cleaning equipment supplies
  • Boiler, gas and oil fired, installed
  • Solar heating installed
  • Electrical work carried out to comply IP rating for pools
  • Chemicals and chemical dosing machines supplies

Looking for Swimming Pool Installation in Surrey?

It's always good to be assured that when you get someone to carry out a job for you that it is in good hands. Being specialists in swimming pool installations we believe that you will love our work.

We excel in the design and building of a wide array of swimming pools over the last 30 years. You have nothing to worry about with McIntosh and Partners Ltd.