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Choosing an in ground Pool

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  • 23-12-2015
Choosing an in ground Pool

Choosing an in ground Pool

When considering which materials to use for you're in ground pool there are 3 main types to choose from. These are; concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. You may also find people building pools with steel or aluminum walls but we will focus on the 3 main materials for now.

Concrete pools are truly customizable. If you know the shape that you would like and it is different than anything you have ever seen, then go for concrete. The way a concrete pool works basically is that you dig a hole to the shape that you want and then line it with concrete.

There are of course many other steps to go through but this way of building a pool means you get the exact shape you would like. Concrete pools are also stronger and longer lasting than the other materials. You can also easily add more to them and change them.

When considering a vinyl pool just remember that pets, pool toys and sharp objects can puncture the lining. The lining can be repaired but do play it safe and get the thickest one possible as it will save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Fiberglass pools are factory moulded, they come as one giant bowl shaped piece and are put in to the excavated hole with a crane. This process does not take as long as a concrete pool to make as all we have to do is dig the hole out. Do be aware though that in extreme cold and heat the fiberglass can become brittle and break.